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What are raw materials for wood pellet mill for sale?

When it comes to wood pellet mill for sale, I believe that many customers know that a wood pellet machine is a mechanical device that can turn wood pellets into biomass fuel pellets.

Biomass fuel pellets have a high combustion rate and realize resource reuse. Today, Richi Machinery will introduce you the raw material sources and requirements of the wood pellet machine to help you make better use of the wood pellet mill for sale.

1. What are the raw materials that can be pressed by wood pellet mill for sale?

(1) Small shavings in furniture factories: Furniture factories produce a large amount of shavings every day, and the wood pellet machine can make these shavings into biomass pellets to realize resource reuse. Because the particle size of the shavings is relatively large, it is easy to cause the wood pellet mill for sale to be blocked, so it needs to be crushed before it can be used. (Related post: Wood Pellet Mill For Sale)

(2) Crop residues: Crop residues include cotton straw, wheat straw, straw, corn stalk, corn cobs and some other grain stalks. The wood pellet machine can make these residues into biomass pellets to realize resource reuse.

These “crop residues” also have some other uses. For example, corn cob can be used as the main raw material for the production of xylitol, furfural and other chemical products; various straws such as corn stalk, wheat orange, cotton stalk are treated and mixed with resin Fiber board can be made; straw can also be directly returned to the field as fertilizer.

(3) Sawed sawdust: The sawdust has a good particle size, the output of the pellets is stable, the pellets are smooth, the hardness is high, and the energy consumption is low.

(4) Wood chips and scraps of wood chips: Because of the large size of wood chips and scraps of wood chips, it is easy to block the sawdust pellet machine and can only be used after being crushed.

(5) Fibrous material: The length of the fiber should be controlled for the fibrous material, generally the length should not exceed 5mm, otherwise the sawdust wood pellet mill for sale.

The use of wood pellets not only solves the storage of waste, but also brings new benefits.

2. Biomass wood pellet mill for sale realizes resource transformation

Every autumn and winter, the problem of straw burning is repeated. In order to realize the transformation of straw into treasure, biomass pellet machine came out. There are many benefits of biomass wood pellet mill for sale, such as: cleaning, turning waste into treasure, increasing farmers’ income, ensuring national energy security and so on. Today, Richi Machinery will give you a good introduction to our biomass pellet mill machine.

Because wind energy, water energy, etc. can only generate electricity, while biomass energy can not only generate electricity, but also control oil and generate gas, which can meet the needs of aircraft, automobiles, ships, etc. using liquid and gas fuels.

Therefore, compared with other new energy sources such as wind energy, hydro energy, solar energy, and nuclear energy, biomass energy is the only product that can fully replace traditional fossil energy.

The biomass wood pellet mill for sale uses a wider range of raw materials, including straw, cotton stalks, fallen leaves, etc., which can be used for it, so it can play the role of “turning waste into treasure”. my country is rich in biological natural resources.

The number of straws alone is 700 million tons every year. Most of them are not used, but cause air and water pollution. The emergence of biomass pellet press machine can solve this problem.

However, when these new energy products were just starting to develop, due to too little output, the cost was far greater than the prices of existing products on the market. In this case, the government should have corresponding fiscal and tax policy support to make it survive.

At present, there are dozens of biomass energy projects under construction in Europe and the United States, with an annual output of more than 100,000 tons. In the next 2-3 years, these projects will be put into operation one after another, which may form a “second wave” of biomass energy. (Related post: fuel pellet plant)

3. Ring die vs flat die for fuel wood pellet mill for sale

Which is better, ring die or flat die for pellet production by fuel pellet machine?

Answer: The ring die wood pellet mill for sale is better, the flat die is the second.

Before saying that the wood pelletizer machine is good, let’s analyze the raw materials for making wood pellets. Common raw materials for wood pellets are sawdust, straw, etc. Of course, pellets made from straw are called straw pellets. Both sawdust and straw are crude fiber materials. The characteristics of this non-material are that the crude fiber content is high, the specific gravity is light, and the fluidity is poor.

These characteristics of the material determine that a good fuel wood pellet mill for sale must be able to overcome these characteristics of the material. From the structure, the material must be fed smoothly, so that the material can be evenly distributed in the production process.

To make the material feed smoothly, the best way is to feed horizontally. There is no detour in the middle, and there will be no blockage, and the horizontal ring die wood pellet mill for sale, which is the pellet machine we often use to make feed, is not horizontal, but has an included angle.

This results in poor feed let alone output. In addition, the vertical ring die wood pellet machine has better sealing performance and higher temperature in the machine, which is easy to cause fire. Fire is a terrible danger for wood pellets. In the event of a fire, almost the entire production line can be destroyed. Therefore, the vertical ring die wood granulator is in the back.

The flat die wood pellet mill for sale is vertical feeding and has good ventilation, and even many small-volume manufacturers use it again. (Related post: biomass wood pellet plant in Indonesia)

However, because the working principle is that the pressure roller rotates and the mold is fixed, this results in uneven distribution of materials, and then one is that the output is not high enough, and the other is that due to uneven force, the mold is easily damaged, which increases production costs. Therefore, the flat die pellet machine ranks second.

The ring die fuel wood pellet mill for sale is a pellet machine specially designed for wood chips, so everything is not a problem. The ring die wood pellet pressing machine has several advantages that make it suitable for pressing wood pellet fuel:

  • Vertical feeding
  • The pressure wheel rotates.
  • The material is evenly distributed under the influence of centrifugal force.
  • Large output and high stability.
  • The mold has a long service life.

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