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Floating fish feed making machine and grinder price

Nowadays, family farming is becoming more and more common. Recently, many farmers have called for consultation of small floating fish feed making machine. Generally, they raise pigs, chickens, rabbits, fish, etc. at home. The required output is not high.

There are corn, soybean meal, etc. at home, so if you want to make full use of these raw materials to prepare homemade fish feed. For these individual farmers, RICHI recommends that the majority of farmers use the 120-type single-phase floating fish feed making machine. Household lighting electricity can make the feed pellet machine produce normally.

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Generally, household electricity is 220V, and commercial electricity is 380V. For individual farmers, the feeding scale is small, and the daily output required is not high. Therefore, most farmers will choose single-phase electric small floating fish feed making machines.

The single-phase floating fish feed making machine has low power and low energy consumption, and can produce 60-100 kg of feed per hour. It is specially used for family farming and small farms. The following are the model parameters of RICHI electric floating fish feed extruder.

1. Features of electric floating pellet machine

The floating fish feed making machine does not need to add water in the granulation process, and the starch can be gelatinized after natural heating, the internal maturity of the granules is deep and transparent, the surface of the granules is smooth and the hardness is moderate, which can be convenient for farmers to store and transport.

Small and medium-sized floating fish feed mills reduce breeding costs and increase economic income.

Improve animal palatability and increase feed intake. Due to the large feed density, reduced volume and high nutrient concentration, the animal feed intake will increase accordingly.

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Prevent animal aqua from being picky eaters and reduce feed waste. Because the pellet feed is uniform in size and comprehensive in nutrition, it ensures the integrity and full price of dietary components, avoids animal aqua fish selecting feed according to their palatability, and reduces the amount of feed to the air and water.

Reduce breeding costs and increase economic benefits.

2. Floating fish feed making machine quotation

Although the output of the small floating fish feed machine is not large, it has powerful functions and can be used to process pellet feeds such as chickens, rabbits, pigs, and fish. It belongs to a multi-purpose mini floating fish feed machine, can meet the needs of the majority of farmers.

The advantages of this type of fish feed floating pellet making machine are that it occupies a small area, is easy to operate, and the price is quite cheap. Of course, users can choose according to the output they need, because RICHI also has large-volume machines for users to choose.

For individual family farmers, the two-phase electric small floating fish feed making machine is the most suitable. The small feed pellet machine is specially designed for small farms and family farmers. It adopts household lighting and has the advantages of small investment, simple operation and easy maintenance.

 The advantages of high grain production, regardless of its small size and powerful functions, can be processed to produce various animal feeds, such as pigs, sheep, cattle, rabbits, chickens, ducks, geese, pigeons, aquatic fish feed, etc.

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Farmers only need to choose different apertures to process pellets of different sizes according to the animals they raise, or they can choose floating fish feed making machine mold plates with different compression ratios according to the raw materials used to make different animal feeds.

The produced feed pellets have the advantages of smooth surface, moderate hardness and balanced nutrition, which can increase animal feed intake, facilitate digestion and absorption, dry in and dry out, facilitate storage, and facilitate transportation.

3. How much does the feed hammer mill cost?

The pulverizer is also the hammer mill commonly used by farmers. The work before and after processing feed is to pulverize the raw materials. Pulverization is one of the important processes in compound feed processing. The quality of pulverized raw materials directly affects the quality of feed pellets. Hammer mill is a general-purpose mill with wide adaptability and simple operation. It is generally used in individual farmers and small floating fish feed production line.

Some new users will be entangled in whether to buy a pulverizer when choosing a small floating fish feed making machine?

The answer must be based on the needs of users. The raw materials of the powder do not need to be processed by a pulverizer. For example, some users do not need to pulverize the raw materials used by wheat bran.

In this way, only a small floating fish feed making machine can process perfect feed pellets! Some users also use larger raw materials, such as corn stalks, which require a pulverizer for pretreatment and reprocessing.

 In short, as long as the size of the raw materials used does not exceed the size of rice grains, the floating fish feed making machine can be used to directly process the feed.

How much does such a powerful small feed pellet machine and pulverizer cost? For example, a farmer needs a machine with small output and recommends the 120 type floating fish feed making machine.

Because of the user’s raw material problem, it needs to be equipped with a single-phase electric 158 type crusher, if these two machines are in the regular professional floating fish feed making machine manufacturer, the price will probably cost a few thousand USD.

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